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How to get money back on your lease?

Most people are not aware that they can actually buy their lease out at any time during the duration of their lease term. If you are able to sell your vehicle for higher than the amount you need to pay to buy it out, then the difference is the amount of money you get to keep in your pocket. The process can be very simple if you know where to go to facilitate the transaction. Below are some of the most common ways of making money from your lease and the benefits of each method.

  1. Using a lease-transfer website
  2. Buying the car out directly, and then selling it privately
  3. Having a 3rd party buyout the lease directly from the dealer

Even with the many tools at consumer’s disposal, it can still be overwhelming when trying to choose the best option. Many people revert to just returning the lease and not bothering with the hassle. With Carity, we help you do all the work, with minimum hassle. Enter all of your information in one place, and we will get offers from everywhere and guide you throughout the way. Don’t leave money in your trunk and return your lease for nothing when you can potentially get thousands of dollars back!

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