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Lease-transfer websites ($ for your lease pt 1)

There are websites dedicated to help consumers to get out of their lease, not necessarily to make a profit, but due to variety of reasons such as changes in life events. Leasebusters and Leasecosts are two websites that you can use to list your lease for someone else to take-over. The benefits of these websites are they it provides a standardized view for consumers looking to get into a lease. All you need to do is enter in information related to your vehicle into the guided vehicle intake process. You can also provide special incentives or request for additional cash on your vehicle listing.

A few things to bare in mind when using lease-transfer websites. Dealers typically charge a lease-transfer fee so you will need to factor this into the equation. Also, the new leasee will need to be approved by the leasing company to be able to take over the lease, so you will need to factor in some additional time for this.

Once you find a serious leasee, you can get in touch with your selling dealer and they will be able to facilitate the transaction for you. Typically all parties will meet at the dealership to complete the final transaction as a safety precaution.

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